Friday, February 29, 2008

The Day Hillary Lost Me

I don't know what genius created the "red phone" ad, but that person and everyone who signed off on it should be fired.

I voted for Hillary in the DC primary. I made my living as a photographer in Washington DC from roughly 1982-1992. I photographed Barbara Bush and witnessed her Junior League photographer. The fact that Sharon Farmer worked as Hillary Clinton's staff photographer when she was in the White House speaks volumes to me about HRC's vision (and that Sharon became the White House head photographer is no less inspiring). That HRC will incorporate many points of view when she is president is why I voted for her.

That's why the "red phone" ad has so turned me off. I don't expect HRC to pick up the red phone and make an instant decision. I expect her to make sure that the five most relevant experts on this threat are called and are either brought into the White House or made available. I expect HRC to determine where the threat is coming from and who the enemies are. That's true to her character and her resume.

Sorry, she's not the "shoot first, ask questions later" girl. That's why I supported her. Whoever crafted this ad thought somehow that they could go against her biography and character and portray her as a woman of action. Sorry, not her persona.

I don't know why she cast that horrible vote for enabling GWBush to go to war in Iraq. There had to be some political calculations at the time which made sense to her. They didn't make sense to me then and they don't now. Barak is correct: he took the right position at the time when it mattered.

I'll happily vote for HRC in the general election if that is the choice. But I'm saying goodby to the Clintons for now.

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