Friday, March 07, 2008

Let it rain

Ok, I was wrong about the red phone ad.Whatever it was that put HRC over the top in the last election (Ohio-Texas-Rhode Island-Vermont) I don't regret it. The News Hour tonight played three clips from the campaign. John McCain tried to talk about the economy. It was all talking points, trying to walk a tight-rope between acknowledging that Bush had screwed the economy up while promising that he could fix things (the default position for the Bush administration is that the government has no impact on the economy--except when they want to claim that tax cuts do). I couldn't exactly tell you what Obama was saying, although he wasn't as bad as McCain. Hillary, on the other hand, was present in the moment. She had the stump speech economic points going for her, but she homed in on the price of gasoline. She said, I won't be walking " hand in hand" with the people gouging the American consumer. It was masterful politics. If its about the economy, stupid, in November, I want this Hillary charging the ramparts. She's loose, she smart, she's funny, she's cutting and she's talking about issues that matter to real people in ways that real people will understand. It was a roller coaster ride with Bill, so why won't it be one with Hill? She's got the moxie.

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